What devices can I use DICE+ with?

DICE+ is compatible with: iPad 3rd gen or late, iPad mini, Android devices with OS 4.0 or later (Bluetooth compatible devices).

Complete list is over here.

How can I turn the dice on?

To turn the dice on, just flip it upside down (180°) from its current position.

How can I turn the dice off?

DICE+ turns off automatically when idle for at least 2 minutes.

How can I connect DICE+ to a device?

Turn on Bluetooth on your device to connect DICE+. Turn on DICE+ by flipping it upside down (180°). DICE+ will connect automatically to the device.

Is DICE+ fully balanced to assure randomness?

Yes, DICE+ is perfectly balanced due to a number of design features and special precautions taken.

The entire inside content of the die is evenly distributed, and its battery – the heaviest single component – is installed in its dead center. The device is completely filled in under pressure with a special material that encases the electronics, gives the die a very evenly distributed weight, and guarantees a statistically fair result with every roll.

Where is DICE+ made?

DICE+ has been designed by a team of electronics, software and material engineering experts in Poland. Dedicated production line has been also built in Poland with purpose made equipment and tooling from multiple expert tool makers in Germany, Austria, Japan and South Korea.

How does DICE+ signal an invalid roll?

If your roll was invalid (e.g. the dice has stopped on an uneven surface, the roll was too short), DICE+ will not light up any color and the result will not be sent to the associated gaming device. Repeat the roll and wait for DICE+ to light up and send the result to your device.

Can I change the color of the numbers on DICE+?

The standard color is green- can be changed in games which support that option.

How can I check the battery level?

The battery charge of the DICE+ can be checked in My Profile in Powered Board Game Application. Furthermore, if the dice lights up red when plugged into the micro-USB cable, the battery is very low and needs to be recharged.

How do I know that DICE+ is fully charged?

DICE+ lights up green when charging is complete.

What does it mean when DICE+ flashes blue?

DICE+ flashes blue to signal that it is pairing with a gaming device such as a tablet.

How can I purchase DICE+?

You can quickly and safely purchase DICE+ through our online store.

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