Backgammon Masters

“Masters of Backgammon is a wonderfully executed game of backgammon with a medieval theme”

Backgammon Masters: Medieval Style

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Backgammon Masters features one of the oldest board games in the world… Backgammon. Despite its old age millions of people all around the world enjoy this game up to this day. Play with friends, organize tournaments and improve your skill! It’s fun! One match will take you anywhere between 5 to 30 minutes.

This game supports many styles of backgammon. One style include’s Narde, which is very popular in Russia and Tawla. There is also an option for Old English backgammon – a style very popular in United Kingdom.

Backgammon Masters game rules


  • 5 backgammon styles: Backgammon, Narde, Nackgammon, Old English and Tawla
  • 4 game modes: Online game, Bluetooth peer-to-peer, against AI and Hotseat
  • 100% fair and completely random dice rolls
  • Option to check dice fairness in the game
  • 6 beautiful boards: Classic, Metal, 10,000BC, Profi, Casino and White
  • 2 difficulty levels in game vs AI
  • Daily tournaments in backgammon and narde
  • Extensive statistics for the last match
  • Share your success on Facebook or Twitter
  • Highlighting available moves, Undo function, Online Chat and much, much more.
  • Find new friends and opponents in global chat!
  • Elo score support and skill levels for players. Can you reach the top?
  • Free updates!

DICE+ Compatible

This game is compatible with the DICE+ bluetooth controller. The dice adds more interactivity and expands the gaming experience. You’ll also get access to more games you can have fun with.

To get yourself DICE+, simply click here.