“Now you can play the classic game Backgammon on your tablet with DICE+”



Backgammon is a new, digital version of world’s oldest game. According to the Greek saying “life without backgammon would be like a desert without sand”.

Now, with DICE+, this game becomes even more exciting! It is all about having more luck and being cleverer about removing your checkers from the board before your opponent does!

Play Anytime On Your Tablet

Now you can play Backgammon anytime. Just bring along your tablet. You can forget about lugging around all those physical backgammon pieces which usually get lost.

Finally! a quick and mobile way to play Backgammon without losing the physical aspect of rolling a dice.

DICE+ Compatible

This game is compatible with the DICE+ bluetooth controller. The dice adds more interactivity and expands the gaming experience. You’ll also get access to more games you can have fun with.

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