Board Games Arena

“Get access to 3 classic board games with Board Games Arena”

Board Games Arena

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Board Games Arena brings you 3 classic board games right to you tablet or bluetooth device. You’ll get access to the well known remake of snakes and ladders, Dungeons and Temples.

These games were designed for 2-4 players. So you get three different board games in one package!

Board Games Arena Snakes ‘n’ Ladders

This Game Features:

  • *3 different board games
  • Dazzling, colorful, board-specific artwork
  • Unique pawns for each board
  • Play with virtual dice
  • DICE+ compatibile
  • Simple, straightforward gameplay
  • 2 to 4 players

*TEMPLE BOARD: Race other famous adventurers to the top of an ancient temple in a quest for riches and an idol of a forgotten god.

DUNGEON BOARD: Explore forgotten ruins, fight monsters and have loads of fun on this PixelArt board.

SNAKES ‘N’ LADDERS BOARD: Hit the dance floor and become the king of disco with this funky rendition of classics Snakes and Ladders game.

DICE+ Compatible

This game is compatible with the DICE+ bluetooth controller. The dice adds more interactivity and expands the gaming experience. You’ll also get access to more games you can have fun with.

To get yourself DICE+, simply click here.