Good Luck

“Test Your Luck & Wit Against Your Friends With The Game Good Luck”

Good Luck



Good Luck is a game of luck and wit. Roll the dice and see where you land. The object of the game is to collect as many points as possible and using the “good luck” tiles to transform negative points in positive.

Pay attention and hope for Good Luck on each of your rolls.

Good Luck menu

Fun For Up To 6 Players

Good Luck can handle 2 – 6 players. The more players you have, the longer,intense and fun matches you’ll have. However, you can also have fun simply playing against one friend.

Try out Good Luck today and see how lucky you are today.

DICE+ Compatible

This game is compatible with the DICE+ bluetooth controller. The dice adds more interactivity and expands the gaming experience. You’ll also get access to more games you can have fun with.

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